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RS232 protocol Documention describing the RS232 serial communication protocol between PC and AAG_CloudWatcher device.

(NB: Protocol part 3 describes new commands of firmware version 5.xx)



Protocol Part1

Protocol Part 2

Protocol Part 3


Sky Temperature Model Documentation describing the mathematical model to calculate the final sky temperature from the sky IR sensor temperature reading.



Sky Temperature Correction Algorithm


Rain sensor heater Documentation describing the algorithm that controls the heater of the rain sensor.



Rain sensor heater algorithm



Object Safe  

The object safe warning when instantiating AAG_CloudWatcher through the internet browser (HTML Examples), has been resolved from version 5.10.103.

If the installed version has been simply updated to version 5.10.103, it is necessary to install manually  the type library ObjSafe.tlb (download the library and respective installation instructions).



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