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AAG CloudWatcher 7.20   (Software download)

AAG_CloudWatcher version 7.20 is designed to operate with the new generation of devices which supports an optional wind sensor. The new unit is similar to the previous ones, except it has an extra plug to connect an optional anemometer and its firmware version is 5.xx.

This version of the software is still compatible with the former devices whose firmware version is 3.xx.

The AAG_CloudWatcher hardware is manufactured and distributed by Lunatico  and the software is developed by AAGware.



March 2012 -  release 7.20

Version History

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AAG CloudWatcher Software version 7.20


Release 7.20 supersedes all previous releases  and it is designed to support the new device model (firmware version 5.xx). This release operates with previous device model (firmware version 3.xx).


A number of new features have been introduced:

bullet Support for optional wind sensor;
bulletAutomatic shutdown routine built in the firmware (user programmable);

Firmware may be updated by the user;


Compatible with the firmware  of previous model (version 3.xx);


ACP, CCDAutopilot4, CCDAutopilot3, CCDCommander, compatible;


Complete software package



On-line help

Setting up MASTER mode

Setting up REMOTE mode


ACP Browser modifications

ACP Browser Modifications 



Programming examples

Inter-program communication examples


Technical Information

Technical Information



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