Version History



Version 5.20.500

1st May 2010

  • Feature

Some internal adjustments to handle news and warnings from AAGware.

Increase the number of COM ports to 32



Version 5.20.320

7th April 2010

  • Feature

Some internal adjustments to handle the new tiddler AAG_WeatherControl for ACP browser.



Version 5.20.310

30th March  2010

  • Feature

Some adjustments to the ACP weather server (AAG_ACPWeatherFeed.exe) to allow a new method/property WeatherDescription



Version 5.20.300

5th March  2010

  • Feature

Some internal adjustments to be able to operate with version of AAG_WebTagC2C



Version 5.20.201

28thFebruary  2010

  • Feature

Total Readings counter is not automatically reset when the device is stopped (Device / Reading).



Version 5.20.200

27thFebruary  2010

  • Feature

Three new control fields in the Alarm section of Setup TAB (Setup / Alarm), namely:

  • to select the color for “unknown” conditions;
  • to disable the “unknown” condition for the rain sensor;
  • to disable the “unknown” condition for the light sensor;



Version 5.20.101

25thFebruary  2010

  • Feature

New version 1.10 of ACP weather server (AAG_ACPWeatherFeed.exe) with some adjustments to its appearance (Using with ACP 5.1);

Some minor internal adjustments;



Version 5.20.000

20thFebruary  2010

  • Feature

New ACP plug-in (Using with ACP 5.1)



Version 5.10.700

15thFebruary  2010

  • Feature

New flag which defines if “UNKNOWN” condition is UNSAFE (Setup / Alarms).



Version 5.10.610

25th September  2009

  • Fix

Fix a problem where the REMOTE installation would display an incorrect “unknown” condition.



Version 5.10.600

25th July  2009

  • Fix

Fix problem with internal timer which occurs when computer stays continuously ON for more than 50 days.



Version 5.10.510

5th July  2009

  • Feature

Allows negative values for K2 Temperature Coefficient



Version 5.10.500

15th May  2009

  • Feature

Internal changes to support a complete weather server for ACP



Version 5.10.200

15th February 2009

  • Feature



  • New function

New Inter-program Communication Protocol methods to access graph’s data stored in the internal arrays. These methods are used by AAG_WebTagC2C utility.


User data file can be reduced to the last reading only (see Last reading only in User Data File of Network/Setup TAB )



Version 5.10.104

1st February 2009

  • Feature

New inter-program property Name

  • Feature

New inter-program property Version



Version 5.10.103

21st January 2009

  • Feature

AAG_CloudWatcher is safe to be instantiated inside Internet Explorer. This features installs a new type lib file  ObjSafe.tlb ( Setup / Software)



Version 5.10.102

1st January 2009

  • Minor Adjustment

Adjustment to internal sound alarm routine;



Version 5.10.101

1st November 2008

  • Adjustment

Adjustment to the CCDAutopilot4 data file parameters;



Version 5.10.000

1st October 2008

  • Reference

This version supersedes all previous versions and it must be used with AAG_WeatherCenter;